Buy Designer Winter Jackets Directly from the United States

Based on this situation, and to meet the various tastes of consumers, give consumers the quality assurance and reduce the risk of shopping, it is learned, Suning Tesco Clothing Deals famous department store channel is selected to direct buyers went to American ways, procurement light-known luxury brands Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and other apparel, from product selection to the purchase price tag affixed to the packaging, all processes are strictly controlled, quality assurance, based on the price even lower than the foreign purchase price.

Compared to the public well-known Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, some people may not understand. 1985 men’s design started Tommy Hilfiger, is a frequent visitor to New York Fashion Week, which is designed to respect the natural, simple and mainly the United States highlights the deep sense of style, now with Perry Ellis, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and other big par. Supermodel Liu Wen, Zhao Lei, Chen Dong Star are all their fans. Interestingly this year, held in Beijing in mid-2015 fall fashion show, Tommy Hilfiger will be the official microblogging account to take over the supermodel Shu Pei Qin, the supermodel will show the knowledge in the field, on their own interpretation of the new season fashion clothing The best styling front and other interesting interaction through microblogging and many fans. Suning Tesco Outlet Deals channels The purchase Tommy Hilfiger, also took a fancy to its gradual upward visibility in the country, to bring consumers low-cost high-quality consumer experience.

According to reporters at Suning Tesco official website to see the famous sale overseas big buyers primarily purchased direct mining light luxury brand Tommy Hilfiger jackets and men’s underwear, Calvin Klein shirt three categories of clothing, jackets audience unified 758 yuan, 4-5 229 yuan to buy underwear, shirt 358 yuan, reporters compared the Tommy Hilfiger official website prices, down jacket prices found at 3,000 yuan, Suning Tesco price is equivalent to playing 3 fold, than the average down jacket brand price even low; and the same style underwear price Suning Tesco’s official website can only buy one. Although the price of the intensity so great, amazing. But at the same time, there will be a worry: If it is genuine, you do not lose money Suning Tesco Outlet Deals official told reporters, first of all, after the commodity is authorized for sale before the line, so consumers do not fully respect is genuine? worry; Secondly, this is the first time the famous channel Deals buyers direct mining big, will be the future trend: the price war is not the purpose of the value of war is.

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