Best Down to Keep Warm

What kind of down? Yangzi Evening News reporter learned that, mainly white goose, gray goose, white and gray duck down duvet. Currently on the market in white and gray duck duck main cashmere with 90% majority, the type of white goose down is the best.

Down down mainly by the duo cashmere, velvet silk, feather silk, raw footage and other components. Cashmere is a velvet flower emits many nuclear silk velvet flower shape and form of velvet, velvet flowers than duck goose velvet flowers large, excellent goose-down due to sticking together, grabbed a velvet flower clusters from the band, the shape of a string of grapes, the “velvet grapes,” said. Cashmere silk means falling down from velvet flowers or roots single raw footage silk velvet. Feather silk is raw footage from falling off the surface of a single feather barbs, no velvety. Maopian means goose, duck feathers, the size of the points, mixed in general are small feather raw footage. Flowers velvet and silk velvet feather in the proportion that the amount of cashmere jacket nominal. Feather silk, raw footage and broken hair can not be considered in the amount of cashmere.

A very small amount of low-quality down jacket on the market under the trade name, also known as down jacket, but marked down the amount of cashmere, silk and feather filling mixture containing broken hair, posing down. Such filler cake easily washed with water, warm and poor.

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