More and More Complaints on Winter Jackets

Today, “Osamu”, as the temperature decreases, and Down Down buy both complaints “warming.” City of Industry, 12315 Data Center released today shows that nearly a month registered commodity categories of complaints 1602, including clothing and shoes, household sundries, furniture products three categories accounted for 70%; the quality of the total complaints accounted for nearly two to make.

Call 12315 Consumers Ms. Lee, reflecting buy their own down jacket, wearing just a week of severe hair loss and fabric breakage problems. Consumers that do not meet quality standards, in accordance with the requirements of the new “Consumer Law” in return, was rejected. After mediation by the business sector, the operators returned to consumers.

12315 represents, from the point of view of the complaints received complaints about Down commodities mainly include: inconsistent with the actual amount of cashmere garments containing down labeling; Down the drain hair, fade, open lines and other quality problems; the product is not a mark with Chinese manufacturers name and address; counterfeit famous brand; business-to-jacket material function etc. hype, such as the jacket is generally advertised as “top material, the warmth, the highest technology, the most popular brand”.

12315 remind consumers, since it is difficult to buy a down jacket in the inner quality of the filler is recognized and therefore not only consider when buying cheap, to choose the regular consumer business, sure to choose well-known brand, but it should be noted on the tag is Down complete, check the name and address, fabrics and materials of the ingredients, washing mark, quality grade, performance standards and whether the label intact.

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