Winter Jackets are Cheap This Year

Cold air, the temperature plunges Jinan. Walking in the cold, everyone’s thinking about is a warm and comfortable jacket. Based on past experience, to buy a down jacket when cold air arrived in the dog is tantamount to buy air conditioning is the most worthwhile decision. But after visiting major shopping malls, the reporter found that the major shopping malls old jacket promotional activities are held in full swing. At the same time, the new down jacket prices not only did not rise, some brands have been reduced.

Yesterday, the reporter visited the Ginza, Guihe, Wanda and other shopping centers, self-discovery is still the focus of fashion down jacket brand efforts. Throughout the major launch of the new brand jacket, and both focus on the design of the appearance of fashion type. Functionality and appearance of both this winter jacket tone. In order to increase the sense of lightness, some brands also introduced asymmetrical profile shape and other design. “Thin, spotty” has become the focus of a lot of brand marketing promotion staff.

On the details of the deal, the major brands have Down texture big fuss. In La Chapelle counter, a light blue camouflage jacket concern by many consumers. The brand sales staff said that this year a lot of store clothes camouflage element is enabled. In color processing, designers abandoned the traditional camouflage, it will soften the now pale blue, which look stylish and youth.

At the same time, there has been a lot of brand down jacket animal ARTS, printed textures, geometric textures and other elements, so that jacket full of visual impact. It is like a down jacket sales staff, he said: “have to make a personalized selling point, what we want is to find similarities in personality.”

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