Do Not Buy Sample or Mixed Down Jacket

According to reports, Feathers Lynx, Taobao anonymous purchase sales ranking rather forward jacket 38, in which eight men, 21 women, nine children’s clothing, cashmere child content of the sample, bulkiness, cleanliness , oxygen consumption and other testing. It is understood that the majority of the sample selected from the online shop “business recommended”, or many of the recent sales of the “explosion models.”

Test results show, in which 26 were identified as “sub-content velvet, fluffy, cleanliness unqualified, non-down.” Where a “no lining logo, tag standard white duck down 90% and 10% of raw footage” of the product, the actual test results actually no child cashmere content, “filler 91% + 9% pulverized wool chemical fiber, lint child, non-down. ”

Insiders said that by 2013 the impact of rising raw material prices in recent years, there are signs of increased down adulteration, including fly silk, wool Landfowl exceeded; velvet sub decreased; crushed wool, chemical fiber and other mixed. Stakeholders, a formal jacket normal cost should be around $ 200, while the number of online shopping jackets low price hundred dollars, or even seventy to eighty dollars. Behind the low price, it is difficult to exclude the presence of counterfeit risks.

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