Brand is Not the Only Option to Purchase Winter Jacket

A few days ago, China Feather & Down Industrial Association survey found that online shopping mostly free down jacket. Down online shopping really do not fly it? Reporters recently purchased a net 268 yuan men’s down jacket, cashmere clothing labels show the amount of 90%. Subsequently, the reporter will be sent to the City Down Fiber Inspection Bureau.

First, inspectors of uniform-like clothes down (mixed), followed by 4 grams were taken to detect the amount of cashmere, weighed, a total of 1.2 grams of feathers. Then, inspectors and sort out the impurities in the sample and feather silk, and finally only 1.8 g of down, that is, the actual amount of cashmere this jacket is only 45%.

In addition, the feather quality is not good. In accordance with the relevant standards, Down “scrap” velvet silk, can not exceed 10% down of the total, can be significantly more than the velvet silk velvet flowers in this down jacket. “Quejinshaoliang” buy down jacket is also likely to encounter problems. In online shopping this jacket, for example, the total weight of the filler is only 197 grams, while the tag label is 250 grams, far more than the allowable error range of 5%.

Finally, drill down jacket like wool, also belong to the quality problems. Inspectors with online shopping jacket fabrics produced a half a sheet of A4 size paper bag, placed inside a feather. Then sew pockets on the instrument friction 2700 times. “Feather fall out 50 or more, you fail.” End of the experiment, out of his pocket a total of 63 down. Inspectors said easily drill down jacket wool largely because of the low cost of the fabric or lining, low density of these materials textiles.

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