Unqualified Jacket Appears More and More in Online Shops

Online shopping is becoming the trend jacket quality how? March 22 morning, the China Feather & Down Industrial Association released a line of down products quality status report, the report shows that 48 Down samples, the pass rate was 37.5%.

Feathers introduced in February this year, the Feathers Lynx, Taobao, Jingdong, happy shopping, oriental shopping cart platform, collected a total of 48 Down, down 22. The results showed that Down pass rate was 37.5%, down 31.8% pass rate. Wherein Down sample, “when Li Yau flagship store” “naike official flagship store” and other online sales of 12 Down serious failure, accounting for 25% of the number of samples; duvet sample, “Yi Sha dream home textiles” “Hyun Love textile flagship store “sales of 10 duvet serious failure, accounting for 45% of the number of samples.

The Badminton Association chairman Yao Xiaoman to reports, the sampling results in “serious nonconforming” mainly refers crushed wool, cotton or synthetic feather-filled products, which can not be called Down / is. Pulverized wool or feathers not only without warmth, easily drilled, may also cause allergies and respiratory diseases, adverse effects to consumers.

Meanwhile, introduced Feathers, shop often use “velvet feather” “feather cotton” and other propaganda words are not really down, mostly to mislead consumers, need to pay more attention when buying.

Worker Saves Money in His Own Jacket

Nearly half of overseas workers Zhang train migrant workers home, “concentrate” poker but “ignore” the hard-earned money, leading to thirty thousand yuan stolen. Recently, the Harbin Railway Public Security Bureau of Harbin Police Department arrested the suspects stole the money.

At 10:51 on January 10, 2016 Xu, nearly half of overseas workers migrant workers Zhang and his four fellow workers in Hebei Renqiu station boarded the Harbin to Chongqing North K1063 train. Zhang will pay thirty thousand yuan red leather trap, placed in the left side of the jacket coat pocket, and with needle and thread sewn pocket mouth carry. As more and more time traveling, Zhang and workers “concentrate on” playing poker, the hard-earned money “back of his mind.” 16:20, when the train station to Heze, Shandong Province while driving, when Zhang check again, only to find pockets of money was missing. He quickly found the train marshals report.

Upon inquiry, according to Zhang, the owner sitting behind the diagonally opposite Xiaomou female students to reflect, when trains run to the Qinghe Town station, there was a man sitting behind Zhang seat 41, also from time to time kneeling on the seat and turned watch them play cards, when the train station Liaocheng him to get off. According to Tianjin Railway Police Department, Interpol detachment reflect, and found a man named Zhang Mouyun frequently move around in the car seat, and took off his coat hanging on the hook to cover someone else’s clothes.

According to its domicile to reflect the district police station, Zhang Mouyun Zhang Mourong current name, is a professional thief. It has repeatedly been treated for theft around the railway public security organs, in November 2011 in a labor camp released.

Several Jacket Brands were Blacklisted

Recently, the Trade and Industry Bureau in Shandong Province in January 2016 exposed the circulation of substandard clothing. Shandong Xianxia clothing, cold thinking Down, Qingdao Heng Xu spinning art and other three companies and products in Shandong “black list.”

The sampling found that, with “China down clothing brand one of the six,” said the “cold thinking” brand down jacket, was found to contain the amount of cashmere, cashmere content failed sub-problems.

Shandong Province Trade and Industry Bureau reminded down cashmere rate failed mainly because of down clothing manufacturers of feather quality indicators did not close well into the factory inspection, or to reduce costs, with the intention to lower the amount of cashmere with velvet feather posing high the amount of feather.

According to public information, “cold thinking” brand jacket Shandong Huayu Group Co., Ltd. the leading products. The company is located in Weihai City, Jilin Road No. 104, the legal representative Tang Tiannan, the registered capital of 50 million yuan, mainly in the production and processing of down products.

Shandong Huayu Group Co., Ltd.’s official website information display, “cold thinking” brand down jacket has been Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the Chinese Famous Brand Strategy Promotion Committee identified as Down Garment first “Chinese famous brand”, in January 2003, “cold thinking “Down by the State licensing Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of down clothing first” national-free products.”

Cool Down Jackets for the Whole Family

On April 30, the first day of the May Day holiday, horse trainer at Checkpoint duty. He told Chengdu Business Daily reporter, the day early in the morning, they received a South Korea repatriated two men and two women, after inquiry, that they are two young couple, all from Leshan. Long before the May Day holiday, four people went to a good discussion Jeju honeymoon, April 27, they embarked on a journey to South Korea, who knows, became stuck on a trip.

Two pairs of husband and wife are the first to travel abroad, there is no detailed understanding of the policy destination before you go. After Jeju Island, South Korea staff routinely ask for them, because foreign language well, two couples answer the question, he hesitated. This deepened the suspicion ROK personnel, four were deemed to be the focus of cross-examination. Subsequently, the ROK side to claim 4 people carry cash presentment. Two pairs of husband and wife do not understand because of policy, but also carry large amounts of cash to worry about insecurity, only carry a small amount won.

South Korea 4 people were asked to check the luggage in the trunk found in leather pants and jacket, which is not commensurate with the weather nowadays, inspectors judge that they “have a great suspicion of illegal detention.” Ma told reporters instructor, four people are worried about changes in the weather, with only a thick coat. And the end of April early May, the highest temperature reached 20 degrees Celsius in Jeju, South Korea will inevitably make people suspicious. “It is they carry these outdated clothes, an important reason to be repatriated.” Ma instructor said.

Luxury Moncler Sold More in the Last Winter

Moncler is headquartered in Grenoble, France, specializing in the production of outdoor sports equipment well-known brands, to date, Moncler outdoor jackets in the industry, has become a leading international top brands.

Despite the down jacket luxury goods group Moncler SpA (MONC.MI) performance in the Asian market is strong, but Europe and the Americas up regressive sales growth continued to slow in the Group resulting in a quarter.

Moncler SpA in the first quarter recorded a 18% revenue growth, constant currencies increased by 17%, further deceleration than 19% in fiscal year 2015. Quarter revenue last year from 201 million euros a year earlier to 237.3 million euros, better than market expectations of 222 million euros.

Asian markets led the growth rate of 32%, the group highlighted under mainland Chinese Lunar New Year and Spring Series driven by the successful listing of outstanding performance, while Japan continued to record strong growth in Hong Kong has not been mentioned, but the group said area all markets have achieved growth. Group Chief Corporate Officer Luciano Santel after earnings analyst meeting revealed now mainland China and Europe will spread narrowed from over 90-60%, but the group will not reduce the price in the sale of goods, the series will start on a new market price adjustment. He also pointed out that Chinese tourists to New York sales in Japan and a significant boost. Asian markets revenue from 7,530 ten thousand euros last year rose to 9,950 million euros, accounting for a further increase to 37.5% from 41.9%.

Italian local and other European markets recorded a revenue growth of 5%, France and Belgium region since the terrorist attacks of sales compare favorably, Luciano Santel also pointed out that tourism traffic from Asia, lower than last year, especially in Paris, Milan and Rome and other major tourist city, but Germany and the United Kingdom are not affected continue to grow.

Americas revenue rose 28%. Luciano Santel said that although the United States clothing department store industry in trouble, but the group still recorded very good sales figures, January and February were particularly strong, Neiman Marcus Neiman Marcus and Saks department stores and other senior customers are very focused on strengthening brand business contacts, such as providing more sales space. In addition to local retail channels also have solid growth.

Thanks to 175 directly managed stores of organic sales growth and new store expansion, retail revenue rose 23.1% to 170.1 million euros, wholesale channels also increased by 6.9% to 6,720 million euros. This year the group has implemented 15 new stores, of which four have been opened. Last year, e-commerce accounted for 6% of Group revenue, self-brand online channels and wholesale electricity supplier channels each contribute 3% of revenue.

Moncler SpA Chairman and CEO Remo Ruffini represents a quarter and market performance is better than the group expected, the positive feedback and the development of non-core category retail network obtained particularly satisfactory in the earnings report, Luciano Santel disclose knitting class and footwear We have good sales situation. Remo Ruffini and expressed confidence that this year’s performance of the Group in the continuing instability and volatile macroeconomic environment still better than 2015.

People Wear Down Jackets to Go to Work

Altay region observatory today 16:10 Posted winds blue warning signal: is expected this evening to 19, local west, south west wind of 5 to 6, and the outlet area of ​​the Gobi wind 7 to 8, please pay attention to prevention of high winds road traffic and the adverse effects of agricultural production.

Subsequently, Fuhai professional stations, Burqin stations, Jimunai County Meteorological Bureau, Fuyun County Meteorological Bureau published continuously winds blue warning signal and a blue rainstorm warning signal.

By gale weather, today, Altay region counties and cities generally appear cool weather, the minimum temperature dropped to Green River County is 1 degree, Altay, Fuyun County, minimum temperature, Jimunai County to 3 degrees, the minimum Habahe County the temperature dropped to 4 degrees.

Suddenly winds cool weather, coupled with the early rain, hail, Altay region to the daily lives of people of all nationalities, traffic travel brought no small trouble. Altay people Chinv Shi, due to wind and rain continued two days, cold as ice-cold inside the house, can not only wearing a down jacket to work.

Lately, Altay fire brigade continuous disposal of more than haystack pastoral areas, factories and other fires, many fires are due to windy weather careless use of fire power caused by gas. Fire departments to remind, windy cool weather fire hazards and more, in the use of fire power with gas cooking and heating process, must pay attention to fire safety at home Do not store large amounts of combustible combustibles, in the front of the valve to shut off the power to snuff, off doors and windows. Reinforcing hoardings, scaffolding, billboards and other structures susceptible to wind and the need to properly placed, try not to billboards, and other temporary structures stay below to prevent accidents.

Wuhan Citizens Have A Special Liking for High-end Jackets

425,000 yuan bedding, linens 200,000, over ten thousand umbrellas, several thousand dollars nut cracker and a shoehorn. High-end luxury custom home is accelerating into the Wuhan market.

In Wuhan, a mall, Agraria fragrant tassel, silk pillows, silk Germany advanced customization kit, Italy Egyptian long-staple cotton, cashmere Kashmir piece luxury bedding dizzying. Many people come to the onlookers that the process is indeed superb, great life style, but the price is not the average person can consume.

However, consumption of luxury goods market in Wuhan ability is quite amazing, from last year’s price bedding can see reflected. The current round of the series in full swing luxury home is also beginning, the price of home appliances sales in million very good.

$ 800 Crystal wine glasses acclaimed, young consumers lacking in entering the workplace, “the good life from the beginning of a good wine,” a site bought a red wine white-collar workers Miss Wu said, although live It is rented, monthly salary of more than 6000, but insisted less to buy things, buy nice things.

According to reports, Wuhan high-end duvets strong purchasing power, the price of 2 to 10 million a month to sell more than ten duvet bed. While the price of around 5,000 yuan household goods also favored a plus, the thousand or so nut cracker in one week to sell several.

Hats of Jackets with Different Colours

The people Ms. Chen in North Bridge Road, Wuyuan Town, a new dry cleaners wash sent a black jacket, when the laundry washed repeatedly confirm whether the fabric will stain the merchant in the business reply does not get stained select the store service. However, Chan pickup until the discovery this jacket has been part of the original white hat pure white to off-white, and she wondered at the time the merchant processes resulting from improper washing clothes were stained, and seriously affect the appearance of the garment, require businesses to take responsibility, according to clothes Price 788 yuan compensation. Businesses that is consistent with the original color jacket hat section, businesses regulate themselves washing service operations, therefore not compensable. Subsequently, Ms. Chen Haiyan to the Consumer Protection Committee reflects the matter, seeking mediation help.

Haiyan County Consumer Protection Commission staff is aware of the whole matter, and the jacket made a careful examination, inspection found that part of the hat down jacket Chan reflect, uniform color, it is difficult to determine whether there is discoloration, and given Ms. Chen is no longer available the evidence before washing down jacket hat part of the color condition, it is recommended that both sides step back, to resolve their disputes.

In the merchant service image considerations, dry cleaners official says Chan refund the cost of washing, and a membership card to top-100 in the form of compensation for Chan, but not to make a down jacket original price compensation. Eventually, Ms. Chen to accept treatment, the two sides no longer have objections.

For the consumer disputes, County Consumer Protection Commission staff recommended that customers in the clothes before washing to make the necessary photographic evidence on file, otherwise it is difficult to produce evidence appears after washing clothes when unusual circumstances. For businesses, before washing to make the appropriate customer service description, but truthfully circumstances washing clothes, conditions can be used for pictures on file, and finally washed clothes before recording the cases to the customer to do confirm the work, in order to avoid unnecessary disputes afterwards.