A Daughter Like to Buy A Winter Jacket for Her Mother

7 o’clock in the morning, the sky gradually clear, the city of the northeast corner of the country Daquan breakfast tingqian, people flocked to eat breakfast. Breakfast booth was responsible for the deep-fried fritters, responsible for someone outside to greet diners, everyone wearing aprons, gloves and masks. Everything is in perfect order. Breakfast Tingqian have a few clean tables, diners dine right here. Fritters, bean curd, soy milk, steamed buns, rice, eggs, and so readily available. “Since the opening of the pavilion breakfast, I’ll be here every morning bowl of curd, the children are very enthusiastic, they both for the convenience of nearby residents, they would have a job!” Mr Li said that the whole society should Disabled care group, they are out of business, and everyone should support.

A wheelchair-bound girl busy greeting and from diners, I saw her right hand holding the milk, left-hand slide a wheelchair, slowly came to diners, put things down, collect the money and then find the money, went immediately to another bit diners get buns. Everything is so agile. “In the beginning when something ends sometimes spill out, but slowly get the hang enough. Many people could not bear to let me serve them, often to their own ends, then put the money to me.” Zhangyan Min said.

Zhangyan Min is a local girl, 27 years old, was diagnosed at birth with congenital lumbar paralysis, “my parents a lot of trouble, and I do not want them so hard, they want to live a good life.” Waist she previously worked telemarketing, eight hours a day but stare Kong made her feel powerless. Occasional overtime on Saturday and Sunday, so she does not feel more suitable for the job. After quit his job, he has been staying at home, a chance and a few friends, the idea of ​​entrepreneurship so that they each other sparks. December 3, 2015, this B & Pavilion officially opened.

6:00 in the morning every day, Zhangyan Min went out. She lived in the South Second Ring Road at a distance from the breakfast pavilion, but no matter how cold the weather, she will arrive on time, then immediately began to set the table, prepare ingredients and so on. Another breakfast pavilion with disabilities cloud Jianmin 31 years old, he is Zhangyan Min’s “partner”, is mainly responsible for deep-fried fritters. Due to the limited body, looking for work before he encountered a lot of ups and downs, with the job, he was 5 am on a busy open. “Although hard, but we will stick to it, my mother never worn new clothes for a long time, I would like to use the Chinese New Year money to buy my mother a jacket.”

Do Not Buy Cheap Winter Jacket Online

“Buy online, the price is very cheap, then read reviews say and lightweight and warm, did not expect was a problem!” Lee told reporters yesterday reflect that, ” ‘drill hair’ is very powerful, but the effect is not very warm good. “According to Ms. Lee said she spent 99 yuan on the Internet the other day to buy this jacket, just wear a few days on the apparent” drill hair ‘every day wear on the inside of the jacket are covered with broken sweater small feather and small pieces of feathers, particularly troublesome. Coincidentally, another in a shop the other day Mr. Wu chose a down jacket, the same main low-cost models, businessmen claimed that “high amount of cashmere,” “warm fluffy”, available after the discovery of poor quality . “Take Terrier particularly hard feathers, hand feels very uncomfortable!” Wu told reporters that “the price is cheap, but the quality is not perfect, it seems to have to buy one!”

Reporters learned in the interview, a number of online stores selling down jacket price is really cheap, especially in recent years more popular ultra-thin down jacket, cheap Jinmai to a hundred dollars or even eighty or ninety dollars, the temptation is very force. But industry insiders told reporters that the jacket should not blindly seek to buy super cheap, because a lot of consumers, “charge down the amount,” “bulkiness” and so does not fully understand, but very easy to use these terms to mislead businesses. To “charge down the amount” for example, it is actually referring to the weight of the whole jacket filler, including the “velvet” and “feather”, and not just referring to “down” in content.

Some businesses like to emphasize in merchandise in “charge down” more than 200 grams, not actually said to contain 200 grams of “Velvet”, which also contains the “feather” weight, expressed as a percentage by consumer needs of “containing cashmere rate down, “” value, in order to know exactly how much jacket contains. ” In addition, some cheap down jacket filling may contain recycled or broken down cheap feathers, a health risk. The remind the industry, whether in-store or online purchase buy, definitely pay for some super cheap down jacket, will be more or less problematic.

What’s the Problem with Mr. Wang’s Newly Bought Jacket?

Recently, the reporter received a public Wang’s phone, he said he bought a new jacket washed once appeared after drying oil, reporters wanted to help him see if it is of questionable quality.

Reporter about the incident when it made contact with Mr. Wang, the reporter found jacket after meeting turned out to be Mr. Wang’s eldest daughter, the green jacket covered with large and small traces of dirt.

“Before and after New Year’s Day 2015, bought the jacket, then washed once appeared dry oil.” Mr. Wang said, wanted to help the living to contact the manufacturer, look at this oil is how it was.

According to Mr. Wang’s appeal, and Mr. Wang reporter came to the mall this brand counters inquiry. Counter shopping guide saw the situation said after this jacket did not know, but can not be sure from this jacket is bought over the counter in the mall. In this case, the person in charge of the mall to the office requirements and Wang negotiation.

Mall official said, Mr. Wang should be directly to manufacturers, because there is no purchase invoices, find vendors to no avail.

Mr. Wang said he did not request a refund, do not require compensation, just want to know this is their own reasons or manufacturers reason.

According to the reporter, Wang eldest daughter of this jacket washed once after the New Year through the last year, after washing to dry down jacket appeared on large and small “oil.” When Wang found that case, buy this jacket in a mall store receipts had lost, there is no evidence that this is in the counter to buy the mall. So, shopping malls Wang suggested to manufacturers call consultation.

Delivery Company Lost Customer’s Order But Refused to Make Compensation

Recently, Mr. Jiang, who lives in Hanjiang by courier company will buy a new jacket sent overseas relatives, Express is committed within three days of arrival, but has as yet failed to receive relatives, after Chiang express courier company informed missing. Mr. Jiang made full compensation claims, courier person in charge did not apply to Mr. Jiang insured business grounds, insist on giving only 60 yuan in compensation. Mr. Jiang reporters help to Hanjiang CASE for help.

CASE staff immediately contact the courier company and understand the situation. Express official said, Mr. Jiang to pay for delivery costs $ 20, in accordance with relevant provisions of the “Postal Law”, the maximum compensation of not more than three times the tariff charged and therefore own 60 yuan reasonable compensation.

But the actual economic loss caused by the loss of Mr. Jiang from sending jacket is far greater than $ 60, CASE staff with the courier company responsible person several times to communicate, not to inform their express mail does not apply to “Postal Law”, but should apply ” civil law “,” contract law “and other laws on the civil damages provision. Not insured by the agreement have agreed to do, but there is no agreement insured by insured to do, so there is no agreement as Mr. Jiang did not protect the price of the relevant legal provisions shall do. “Contract Law” stipulates: Transport person is express courier companies to transport have custodial responsibility, such as the price is not agreed to give compensation, ie delivery or upon delivery of the goods to reach the market price. In this process, What is the value of the courier lost items, consumers will be the burden of proof to demonstrate their real value. The price on the invoice provided by Mr. Jiang to buy clothes display is 500 yuan. Eventually, the courier company agreed to refund 20 yuan courier to Mr. Jiang, and in addition give him 400 yuan as compensation for loss.

5 Down Jackets were Bought from Local Store

Yesterday afternoon, the Jinhua City Evening News reporter visited the major shopping malls and supermarkets and found that heater, Hand Po, thick down jacket, snow boots and other winter essential artifact, we have changed the dismal performance of some time ago, when reverse sales potential growth.

“Circle of friends have passed crazy, do not dress warmly and a little, waiting frozen Goua.” Ms Chu told reporters in Jinhua City, she went to the mall to buy a sigh of relief to his family five thick down jacket. “Thick duvets are on sale, buy more to send, one must register each also about 500 yuan, quite cost-effective.”

“Jinhua although more rain this winter, but not too cold, not how to sell moving down jacket, before sold-based models also thin.” One merchant told reporters, had a few days ago we started on spring up, down jackets began to discount promotions. This news came out after cooling, many people ran to buy a thick down jacket, they quickly adjusted the goods, and put on a thick section, long section down jacket, the introduction of different levels of discounts.

These days many people are also trying with other “warm weapon.” Yesterday, Miss Lu the public on the Internet and to their colleagues snapped up two small heater, a 80 yuan. “Office air conditioning is not to force, on the feet, suddenly the warm spring.”

Yesterday, the reporter visited the city several appliance stores found that many brands Yiba kinds of heaters appear prominent position in the main channel, elevator and so on. Xu, general manager of Gome Jinhua company introduced before this wave of cold air coming, heater sales is very general, almost only about half of previous years. Unexpectedly, a few days to cool, people suddenly buy a lot more.

A Senior Student Bought Three Winter Jacket for His Family

Gao Yang Lin said that he and his brother both go to school overhead, my parents are in Liangping rural farming. “They are the province for so many years before, otherwise it would not afford to support a family.”

Why choose Down to the parents as a New Year gift, Gao Yang Lin remember such a thing. Last year, Chinese New Year mother took her to visit relatives in town, fancy a down jacket, the price for more than four mother waved their hands, “too expensive, it’s too expensive.” Prohibitive mother new clothes, let Gao Yang Lin look in the eyes, in mind.

“I want to graduate early, a lot of money, so parents burden smaller.” Gao Yang Lin said with a smile.

Gao Yang Lin Yongchuan study a few years, every time he returns Liangping will spend four to five hours to make her feel the road hard. But she is now most want is soon back Liangping home, parents put her hand picked jacket.

“Thanks to this event, I hope that all parents in the world in the new year can all wishes come true, perfectly healthy.” Gao Yang Lin said.

Cotton Cannot be Recognised as Goose Down

On January 23 afternoon, we saw a down jacket store in downtown Xinhua, where an array of jackets attracted many customers. A female customer saw a red long paragraph Slim waist down jacket, try later feel very satisfied. Staff told her: “This is the new 2016, the price is 1267 yuan, do not discount the fight.”

Binhong Road in the city a down jacket brand store, two staff members will give a customer try to find the right kind of clothing, one would billing money, even the words are too busy to attend to say. This store down jacket price is relatively affordable, in addition to the new price of about 1,000 yuan, a number of old down jacket more than the price of four or five hundred dollars. Staff said, “because the brand positioning adjustment reason, in 2016 our jackets priced cheaper than 2015. After the new cheap down in 2015 the old prices adjusted accordingly. For example, in 2015 sold more than 1000 yuan style, 2016 He sold more than 500 yuan. ”

In addition to these few hundred thousand dollars a down jacket, there are tens of per piece. “Due store, the audience rummage sale, a down jacket original price of six or seven hundred, and now only sell 69 yuan, 150 yuan!” This is not a clothing store downtown Gangnam hard time to time came the cries. So cheap price, can not help but heart. We picked up a price of $ 150 down jacket, carefully looked at the clothing label and tag, find the above information is vague. Size clothes labeled “XXL”, the label says “If quality problems within 7 days can be returned.” In addition, with regard to the amount of cashmere clothes, feather a few grams, and even manufacturers do not have the information.

Choose Right Down Jacket Using National Standards

Yesterday, the City Council released 24, than the best-selling Down comparative experiments report shows, two of which were cleanliness and Down Down charge down failed. However, the pros and cons of Down and the price level is not proportional to the price of 899 yuan a down jacket cashmere rate than we have a low 448.5 yuan 9.3%.

City Council Secretary-General Xu Jing introduction, experimental samples from large shopping malls, covering high visibility on the market, sales of larger brands, including fast fashion, outdoor sports class, high-end fashion for men and women categories, children’s monopoly and the like.

Experiments based on national mandatory standards GB18401 requirements, Down formaldehyde content, ph value, color fastness, etc. for testing. At the same time, according to the standard sample identification, charge down the amount of the down jacket, cashmere rate, bulkiness, cleanliness, odor level and other indicators were tested. “Cashmere, cashmere sub-content, fluffy down jacket is to evaluate the quality and warmth of an important indicator, the higher the better the thermal performance data.” Xu Jing said.

Experimental results show that the merits of the jacket is not proportional to the price level. Xu Jing, for example, said the price of 899 yuan a down jacket cashmere rate, but not as 448.5 yuan a down jacket, cashmere former was 85.4%, which was 94.7%.

And for drilling velvet jacket problem, drill down the amount of the price of 899 yuan a down jacket detected as 71, while the price of 399 yuan down jacket only six. Xu Jing said: “The indicator directly affect the appearance and warmth.”

Buy Winter Jacket in Bulk to Get Lowest Possible Price

8 degrees below zero, people shopping can not see, but can be crowded Down counter. It was really cold and we have to remember to buy a winter coat? Not only, but also a lot. Yesterday, a hundred stores “feather Fair” a small male manager Shen inventory, weekend days, his family shop sold nearly 2000 down jacket, quadrupling year on year. Before showing mild winter has been the signal for only about 200 a day, so early in the brand business helpless thick section to put all sent to the north, and immediately pull back these days.

Two days before yesterday, in the department store, full of thirty-five “buy” Down customers. Look counter will know, in the morning the whole “private room is also stuffing clothes, in the afternoon, on the air.” SHEN Xiao Xiong said, two days later the main force of the new Suzhou, they rush back to buy new clothes home New Year. Bosideng brand Purchasing Guide, said yesterday a single maximum is eight, three more than a lot of people, are like every single business deals. According to business statistics, the new Suzhou hold down jacket is the main force of strong sales, accounting for 7 percent of total sales recently.

Down what has become the meat and potatoes, which makes brands really unprepared. A big down jacket manufacturers responsible person said, entered in December, fall down no market, and sales can only rely on winter models can be one hundred daily pin allows incoming inventory rate is too high, can only bet on the northern market. Can these two days, Suzhou is mad to go up the goods, did her best to increase the efficiency of logistics, starting last Monday, just a day to Suzhou freight, not stop.

Seeing this wave of very low temperatures this year to bring the “fever” effect, shipments between big PK brands also began. New old together pushing low-cost big promotion last year, the average price of winter models only 400 yuan, 700 yuan this year, the new, big promotion Bosideng, big lead, pushed off 6.8 effort in Nett basis. Merchant said, from now to before the Spring Festival, are down jacket sales season, manufacturers shipped a strong desire, an average price slightly lower than last year. After this turnaround is expected this year, down jacket overall sales last year rose two to three percent.

Price of Winter Jacket Goes Down Tremendously

Down in the International Trade department on the fifth floor of the area, some big down jacket brand counters are discounts. Many of which are down jacket, charge down the amount up to 90%, the price is only 298 yuan, and some big down jacket clearance is carried out, “a $ 100, the second half price” promotions. Counter salesperson told reporters: “two or three years in digest inventory, traditional jackets companies have time to develop new models, so this market has been in a few years down jacket discount state.”

The author notes that an Antarctic male models down jacket original 1,480 yuan, price as long as 360 yuan. Citizen Ms. Chung to the author, said:. “Now back to the basic price of the jacket from the 2009 level, and I remember that similar models down jacket sells for 598 yuan two years ago, when the price is high, similar to the jacket can be sold for 1500 yuan above. ”

A clothing store boss Chan told reporters: “Young people often choose some fashion brand down jacket, down jacket charge down the amount of these at most 80%, but as long as the style is good, even if the charge down the amount of low-cost high, they also You can accept. If you do not pick the style, quality down jackets than those three or four hundred thousand fashion brand good quality. ”

In the major shopping fashion brand counters, a lot of brand new down jacket already on the market, the prevailing price is a thousand dollars, a considerable part or even sold two thousand yuan. We saw in a price tag on the jacket of 1690 yuan, only 85% of the charge down.