What Do Winter Jacket Models Like?

Models of the body so that all women always yearning mind, slender legs and super-positive ratio, so thin small girls envy. In particular, and in the winter, how to choose a warm not bloated down jacket has become a top priority.

Down in those supermodel body wear in petite girls who will look out of place, it can not block the lack of height; and tall type of girls is not what can manage. According to the election height jacket is a learned skill, best actress demonstration ride through the following rule, choose a combination of their height, good body piercing model it! Jiao small height many petite girls down jacket and dare to try that jacket not only heavy, but also lowered their height.

In fact, some of the light down jacket short paragraph is a blessing not a curse for petite girls who! Do not believe, you see! Angelababy is recognized will dress this year, she was almost as chief officer Brush Street fashion, but you do not forget, she is a petite Oh, but she’ll take more than you! Angelababy chose a red light down jacket with a tight-fitting dress, jacket color while echoing and sneakers, so a ride neither heavy, that touch of bright colors and elongated height ratio.

School Uniforms Winter Jackets for Korean Students

Chinese school uniforms sportswear In the main, however uniforms Korean students who places the main suit, very stylish, in line with the preferences of young student groups, the chairman of Korea SMART F & D company Shen Kui Yin believes that the future China will gradually uniforms to the fashion direction development, so as early as 2014, SMART F & D company has plans to enter the Chinese market, and is actively looking for partners. The cooperation with Bosideng, SMART is the first step to carry out the brand’s international expansion.

Cooperation of this company, SMART F & D company is mainly responsible for the design and technical support, Bosideng is responsible for channel marketing and business management. SMART F & D is Korea’s leading garment enterprises, uniforms customized brand leader in the field, has 229 stores in South Korea and more than 10 production plants, 13 consecutive year the Korean school uniform market champion, acclaimed in Korea; 2014 SMART brand uniforms in the Korean market share of 23%, sales of nearly 60 billion won (about 330 million yuan).

Bosideng side said China school uniform market is huge, the next few years as students increase personalization and fashion demand for school uniforms, school uniforms domestic market will be further expanded. We hope and SMART F & D brands uniforms business cooperation and further enrich Bosideng Group’s product portfolio in segments cultivate new growth points.

Different Jacket Styles You Might Like

Everyone will have their own little world, for us, it is simple and pure; for outsiders, it is the mysterious complex. A small world, two completely different interpretations, just because do not understand it. The highest rate in winter dress and jacket photographed will have their own little world, let us work together to explore.

An underwater world that is pleasant to the eye, so pure, so innocence, like a return to the carefree childhood, listening to “The Little Mermaid” story, watching “Finding Nemo” animation, everything is so happy. Benthic fauna and vigorous growth of algae will swim printed on the jacket, so that memories often go hand in hand.

Innocence sometimes romantic, sometimes wild and uninhibited, which is fickle. Car back to the ancient printing, both expressed retro elements of love and nostalgia for the past, but also demonstrates the rebellious wanton side. Joy to the world boldly declare: I am me, not the same self.

Crazy dynamic and outspoken, is a fashion statement; indifferent and quiet elegance, is an attitude to life. Ears the sound of rushing water, eyes closed, feeling empty and distant mountains are like themselves in this landscape, this is the unique charm of Chinese wind printing.

Different Channel Offers Different Quality Jacket

Accompanied by strong winds in recent days, down jacket has become a hot commodity, some of the shop also introduced a variety of “super cheap” Down, substantial sales. However, cheap down jacket really contain it? Quality fly it?

Recently, the Beijing News reporter through online and physical clothing store to buy a down jacket sample 5, price from 40 yuan to 200 yuan, and sent to the China Textile Industry Association testing center.

Test results show that online shopping “explosion models” Down, in which the filler (2) of the sample is not a feather, but polyester cotton. Also the amount of cashmere jacket (2) can not reach the sample marked “cashmere rate of 90%,” and feather quality is poor. Experimental say, only one type of sample basically qualified, four samples failed.

China Down Industry Association Yao Xiaoman, at present a lot more cheap down jacket with “fly wire” fill the so-called “fly wire” is a smash hair. In fact, after crushing scrap duck, goose becomes a velvet-like, this “fly wire” fill down jacket not only warm, but the lack of high-temperature sterilization procedures, may also produce odor and bacteria, pathogenic potential danger.

Yao Xiaoman recommended that the best choice to buy a down jacket in addition to the regular brand, but also should look at the charge down the amount of cashmere products and other tag information are complete, and gently press to see if it will soon rebound restitution to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Buy Horman Winter Jacket to Keep Your Child Warm

Instant cold winter has arrived, if you have bought for your children at home Down it? Currently on the market a wide variety of all kinds of children’s jackets, brand variety, enough to make parents and friends feel confused, in the end how we can give a child pick a warm and comfortable down jacket it? many down jacket brand

Among which one is the best? Reporter recently visited the children’s market down jacket, down jacket style more children this year, the number of brands increased. Among the many children down jacket brand among the majority of parents and friends are eager to buy Hallmark Hallmark Babies baby clothing, in the end what winning the Hallmark Hallmark Babies baby clothes at why so popular?

Reporters are investigating a number of parents to children to buy children’s down jacket, when they choose their children down jacket, down jacket is the most valued of comfort and warmth, then one is down jacket style.

At present, a wide range of Down children, parents and friends at the time of purchase are often dazzled, it was found that only the final comparison Hallmark’s children’s clothes Down Down Collection series the most secure quality. A lot of parents and friends even said that their children had been wearing Hallmark children’s clothes, the quality has been good, particularly after the child wearing comfort.

Newly Bought Jacket is Not Good in Quality

Recently, the public Miss Po Huaihua just work near as hard to buy a down jacket, but the quality was troubled, lint embarrassment she felt humiliated in front of friends is not small.

 Winter came, down jacket is very hot. However, major shopping malls within a higher price down, so many people only dare to look not easily shot, so some of the same style to spread the goods there in the market. However, there may be cheap jacket of questionable quality.

“I had known this, I would not buy such goods stall. FIG time is cheap price, but now it has turned into a real hassle.” Ms. Po said regretfully. Around December 4, when the Xintiandi shopping street see someone selling down jacket, Ms. Po stopped to watch. “A style which is very good, and I saw in the mall is basically the same style this style shopping malls sell more than 1800 yuan, but the spread was 400 yuan less than..” Ms. Po said: “It was a lot of people in the selection, Down feels pretty good, I will buy. ”

However, Ms. Po wearing the jacket at work, a colleague told her, Down cracks in the white feather fall out. “At that time I did not care, thought it was just some places, but the home closer look and found that jacket hem, lower arm have this phenomenon take off one another out of a, always fall down. Later, shop to get a jacket, the store told me that I bought this jacket is likely to be refurbished, and the workmanship is not good. ”

Ms. Po said that their income is not high, thought picking up a “great deal”, only to eat a “burned”, “the future will not buy similar ‘to spread the goods’ up.”

Tips on Selecting Great Quality Down Jacket

Li Huiling told reporters, run hair is a very important aspect, there is jargon, is called “anti-drill down” of clothing in detection. This fabric density and the production process itself has a relationship. If you find hair running down jacket, can not handle, only advised consumers to take the clothes and invoice be returned to the store to be processed. If you buy some time, but is expensive to buy, it is recommended to get professional maintenance repair shop, lined with regard to re-do or do some other changes, you can listen to professional advice.

“To avoid buying run hair down jacket, when consumers buy can pat, rub clothing to see if there is cashmere silk drilled out at the same time also pay attention to the thickness of the fabric, the fabric is a little tight, a little thick, drill possibility velvet will be smaller. ”

Down dubbed the “insulation and fashion”, the thermal performance is its greatest function. How to choose a warm and strong down jacket it? Li Huiling also supports two strokes: First, look, two touch.

The so-called “see”, refers to the signs look down jacket. Li Huiling said that the regular manufacturers jacket hanging signs are written down content. Down filler is composed of down and feathers, the two are not the same, stronger than the thermal properties of down feathers, but also by the degree of warm down jacket cashmere rate to reflect. Usually the amount of cashmere more than 90%, thermal performance is good.

“There are many on the market now down jacket price is very low, only two hundred dollars, on the surface looked good, but in fact it’s mostly filler broken feathers instead of down. Such a down jacket, thermal performance poor. “Li Huiling said.

In addition, we can also use your fingers carefully touching down jacket, down jacket by hand to identify the pros and cons. Good down jacket, feels smooth feel soft pine, and some even do not touch the hair stems. Some feel Gegedada jacket feels, is likely to be less cashmere, poor feather quality.

In addition, the time of purchase also need to pay attention to the clothing itself has no smell. Down material to be sterilized before use, the normal fur jacket has a hint of the smell, if there are more obvious pungent odor, you need to pay attention, probably in the course of processing mixed chemical reagents.

How to Spot Fake Duck Leather Jacket

Xiaoshan first snow of the public to thoroughly feel the chill of winter, in a variety of products to withstand winter warm, down jacket and duvet been a popular product. In the last month, vigorous “double October” shopping festival, I believe that many people take advantage of cheap buying the Xiaoshan feather products. However, at the same time enjoy low-cost, the public should be careful to buy fake and shoddy products, because you may get the hand is known as filler “95% white duck down” clothes, simply can not be called a down jacket!

In order to strengthen the network of down products quality supervision 2015 dual 11 period, China Feather & Down Industrial Association Lynx, Taobao sampling of 40 jackets and 20 duvets, test results show: Down a pass rate of 55%, down pass rate only 5%.

Down the main reasons for failure is inside the filler failed, many did not reach the amount of cashmere marked on the label, and some even filled with feathers, which can not called a jacket. Sampling of 20 duvet duvet only a qualified, unqualified and more filled with feather duvets, feather silk, cotton, chemical fiber, such as where there is a duvet that says “95% white goose down Duo” on the label, but in reality only contain down the amount of non-compliance, also containing 16.5% of cotton fiber and other impurities. These serious counterfeit products, not only without warmth, easy to drill down, but also easily lead to allergies and respiratory diseases, to adversely affect the health of consumers.

Custom Made Your Own Down Jacket

A few days ago, who lives in New City Dantu Liu specifically a bus to downtown Down professional processing shop, she is not to master the garment selected to renovate the old way made down jacket, but the choice of semi-finished products.

Liu told reporters that this is an off-made dark green bile in the long down jacket, brought home by their own demolition of old velvet jacket knocked done a favorite style, processing fees a total of 300 yuan.

Down the so-called semi-finished products, is the customer based on a variety of popular styles provide professional processing shop, and then by a shell jacket from the store to purchase the factory agents, and then use the customer’s own demolition of old velvet dress velvet jacket, change translated into new Down .

Reporters learned from a number of such shops, Down build processing line of business have been around 20 years, but still semi-processed pop up recently. According to Wang Jia Xiang Zhao master introduced a shop, customers choose semi-finished products made down jacket, now account for more than half of the shop to build the number of processing. He also said that the choice of semi-finished processing methods, including fees, including the purchase of housing and customer spend is generally between 200-400 yuan.

Fake Winter Jacket Harms People’s Health

Fly by wire duck feather, goose feathers and even crushed together, generally as long as tens of dollars a kilogram, the worst even as long as ten yuan a kilogram. Fly wire no good thermal effects, including the dust and impurities, the washing process reach sterilization requirements, hide a lot of harmful bacteria. Down counterfeit products, the main additive is fly wire.

In substandard goods, many jackets priced at only 200 yuan, but labeled as containing 90% or more down rate. Many businesses customer said: Although excessive publicity is their fault, but so cheap down jacket, how could there be such a high rate of cashmere, consumers also his greedy cheap.

Jiangsu, a down jacket company insiders said that if the removal of brand value, multi-link and other non-productive costs deducted from profits, a long down jacket down with about 180 grams -200 grams, down in terms of cost with 90% down is 80 yuan, under normal circumstances, with velvet costs account for a quarter of the total cost of the entire production process, such a calculation, a down jacket ex-factory price should be around 300 yuan, 200 yuan price of quality down jacket can be imagined cicadas.

The price is high does not mean that the amount of cashmere and cashmere filling volume is high, consumers also look carefully at the time of purchase charge down the amount on the label and label cashmere rate, because there are some brand women may one or two thousand cashmere jacket was only seventy to eighty percent, as consumers over-emphasis on brand, ignores the charge cashmere and cashmere rate.