Down Jacket Should be Washed by Hands

As winter must-have item, a variety of thicknesses down is still the mainstream of winter clothing. Down warm but very particular about cleaning, washing carelessly, can cause decreased down jacket warm, fluffy disappear; coupled with the low winter temperatures, making the already annoying stains become more stubborn. Not recommended for regular cleaning of feather, decontamination capability and the mild detergent does not hurt the clothing is a good choice. Liby natural soap powder researchers noted down jacket cleaning not only focus on cleanliness, but also pay attention to the protection of the material down to gently decontamination Liby natural soap powder is preferred.

It is understood that about three wash down jacket washing method. The first is machine washable, wash machine is simple and convenient, but the jacket easily deformed during the washing process, such as feather crushing, agglomeration, affect the appearance and warmth. Machine wash before washing machine to read the instructions carefully to see whether the washing machine has the function of washing down jacket, down jacket while viewing the label to see if washing machine washable. There are a lot of people will choose to send dry cleaners dry cleaning, but industry sources said dry syrup used will affect the warmth, aging the fabric and down, and the residual chemical solution also harmful to health.

90% of the down jacket marked to be washed by hand, but the industry also said that hand-washing can grasp the intensity and component washing, to minimize the adverse effects of washed down jacket, can be the three most Wash safe and effective. If the jacket is dirty, hand wash recommended overall. First down jacket soaked in cold water for 20 minutes to allow the full wet down jacket inside and outside; washed product was dissolved in warm water 30 degrees in the mix, then down jacket into which soak for a quarter of an hour; then in a clean tile sets board, with a soft bristle brush dipped in cleaning fluid from the inside to the outside gently scrub jacket; the handle with both hands in the water all parts of the jacket until the kneading clean, and then into a clean water rinse several times to completely remove detergent residue; the rinse down down down off the backlog of water, and then dry.

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