Knowledge About Shopping Suitable Jackets

Down at the time of purchase, to look down the amount of charge and the amount of cashmere is the number indicated on the label, which directly affect the fluffy down jacket and warm, according to the standards of down clothing, cashmere volume containing less than 50% down jacket can not be manufactured. The amount of cashmere jacket is generally 70% or more for the best, can be distinguished Yongshou Nie, pinch the hair stems not obvious to you containing a higher than cashmere, otherwise low.

Good down jacket liner or lining should have the anti-drilling Cashmere performance, such as the purchase or find fabrics lining the surface of the jacket more visible bristles drilled, there might drill down, but a small amount of wool yarn Hang from the line cracks drilled is normal.

View Down permeability, according to the standard, down jacket to have a certain permeability, consumers can be fluffy down jacket, down jacket with his hands clenched on the back, so down jacket out of the air out, as easy extrusion, it shows breathable poor, such as extrusion can slowly, indicating a certain permeability. Such as Down’s poor ventilation, one consumer of water vapor in the process of wearing easy to distribute, easy to feel wet and uncomfortable, not warm, the second is not easy to dry after washing, these two factors will cause damp down different degrees of metamorphism .

Selection of brand name products, to the regular place of purchase. Down Purchase should pay attention to choose a certain market coverage and visibility down jacket brand products, down jacket brand quality is relatively more secure, but also easy to service. In addition to the purchase of jackets should have a reputation for quality, service large and medium-sized shopping centers norms and save the good invoice of the purchased goods, so you can maximize prevent buy counterfeit goods.

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