Buy Cold Winter Jackets at Greatly Discounted Price in Summer

Reporter recently visited the market find, now, as the dog days of summer, in the cool of consumers every effort to find a time when the supermarket was put on a jacket, playing the off-season signs.

Yesterday, the reporter saw a large supermarket in the supermarket striking position arranged a booth set-season sale, sell jackets and other winter clothing, although was summer, but the price is relatively cheap, or to attract a large number of consumers wearing short-sleeved Buy cotton.

Interview, the reporter saw a brand down jacket price tag is 598 yuan, 168 yuan now-season promotion. This warm jacket quite favored consumers walked over to pick from time to time. An aunt tried a few pieces down jacket after it hot and sweating, but never bored. “Anyway, winter wear, but also a lot cheaper to buy now.” Customer Liu aunt said, this child outside the hotter the weather, the lower the price down jacket, she wanted to take the opportunity to “buy the dips” to buy affordable.

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