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Comparative Report Associated with Winter Jackets

Shandong Province Consumer Association 2nd Down Product Bulletin comparative test results, 50 samples, 11 samples of product identification does not meet the standard requirements, a sample does not meet the standard microorganism down, three level split sample error Nuiko project does not meet the standards feather component measurement project in three samples do not meet […]


Check Up the Quality of Your Down Jacket

Suspect quality clothes and trademarks marked inconsistent, cotton merchant to promote its purity not so high, the future, people will be able to complete the inspection in Chongqing, local, access to authoritative evidence of complaints the business. Yesterday, the Chongqing Times learned from the city of Quality and Technical Supervision, the State apparel and home […]


What Goods are Chinese Willing to Buy in Singapore?

Bain & Company in October last year the United States, a survey shows that Chinese consumers still buy the world’s largest luxury goods group, accounting for 31% of global luxury consumption. United Kingdom Euromonitor International’s latest data show that Chinese tourists to travel in France, about 40% of the travel budget for shopping. American Consumer […]