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Serious Problems with Winter Jacket Purchased Online

Down with a soft fluffy, good benefits cold, and is commonly used in consumer winter warm clothing. Jiangsu Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau of Jiangsu Province recently commissioned Down Products Quality Inspection Center (Suzhou City, Xian Jian) ​​carried down clothing product quality supervision, production enterprises, store, electronic business platform collecting samples 177 batches, eligible 155 batches, […]

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Are You Not Feeling Good When Wearing Down Jacket?

This winter, the Guangdong weather remained cold. To keep warm, Guangzhou, Xiao Zhou deliberately bought a down jacket. However, by wearing this jacket, he felt uncomfortable, body itching, nasopharyngeal itching, runny. For which he also ate some cold medicine, but the effect is not ideal. For Xiao Zhou’s case, the Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital dermatology […]


Worker Saves Money in His Own Jacket

Nearly half of overseas workers Zhang train migrant workers home, “concentrate” poker but “ignore” the hard-earned money, leading to thirty thousand yuan stolen. Recently, the Harbin Railway Public Security Bureau of Harbin Police Department arrested the suspects stole the money. At 10:51 on January 10, 2016 Xu, nearly half of overseas workers migrant workers Zhang […]