Choose Right Style Winter Jacket for Your Own

Short down jacket is particularly suitable for petite girls, wear neat significantly higher, and then with a high waist pants, every minute to create the golden ratio, winter also can wear a pair of big legs. Dark style will be particularly thin, bright and very eye-catching words, Slim style, do not worry too bloated.

Long sections waist down jacket is not only thin, warm index also increased a lot. So with either the color or the style is quite good, I believe that your vision is good. This is a very good choice it, we dare to try.

Waist style jacket generally by girls of all ages, but also in the winter so no wonder waist was sold out of style it belongs! Waistband jacket comes only did it reduce the sense of expansion, but also particularly fashionable Western style, a casual wear can be feminine.

Buy Designer Winter Jackets Directly from the United States

Based on this situation, and to meet the various tastes of consumers, give consumers the quality assurance and reduce the risk of shopping, it is learned, Suning Tesco Clothing Deals famous department store channel is selected to direct buyers went to American ways, procurement light-known luxury brands Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and other apparel, from product selection to the purchase price tag affixed to the packaging, all processes are strictly controlled, quality assurance, based on the price even lower than the foreign purchase price.

Compared to the public well-known Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, some people may not understand. 1985 men’s design started Tommy Hilfiger, is a frequent visitor to New York Fashion Week, which is designed to respect the natural, simple and mainly the United States highlights the deep sense of style, now with Perry Ellis, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and other big par. Supermodel Liu Wen, Zhao Lei, Chen Dong Star are all their fans. Interestingly this year, held in Beijing in mid-2015 fall fashion show, Tommy Hilfiger will be the official microblogging account to take over the supermodel Shu Pei Qin, the supermodel will show the knowledge in the field, on their own interpretation of the new season fashion clothing The best styling front and other interesting interaction through microblogging and many fans. Suning Tesco Outlet Deals channels The purchase Tommy Hilfiger, also took a fancy to its gradual upward visibility in the country, to bring consumers low-cost high-quality consumer experience.

According to reporters at Suning Tesco official website to see the famous sale overseas big buyers primarily purchased direct mining light luxury brand Tommy Hilfiger jackets and men’s underwear, Calvin Klein shirt three categories of clothing, jackets audience unified 758 yuan, 4-5 229 yuan to buy underwear, shirt 358 yuan, reporters compared the Tommy Hilfiger official website prices, down jacket prices found at 3,000 yuan, Suning Tesco price is equivalent to playing 3 fold, than the average down jacket brand price even low; and the same style underwear price Suning Tesco’s official website can only buy one. Although the price of the intensity so great, amazing. But at the same time, there will be a worry: If it is genuine, you do not lose money Suning Tesco Outlet Deals official told reporters, first of all, after the commodity is authorized for sale before the line, so consumers do not fully respect is genuine? worry; Secondly, this is the first time the famous channel Deals buyers direct mining big, will be the future trend: the price war is not the purpose of the value of war is.

Best Down to Keep Warm

What kind of down? Yangzi Evening News reporter learned that, mainly white goose, gray goose, white and gray duck down duvet. Currently on the market in white and gray duck duck main cashmere with 90% majority, the type of white goose down is the best.

Down down mainly by the duo cashmere, velvet silk, feather silk, raw footage and other components. Cashmere is a velvet flower emits many nuclear silk velvet flower shape and form of velvet, velvet flowers than duck goose velvet flowers large, excellent goose-down due to sticking together, grabbed a velvet flower clusters from the band, the shape of a string of grapes, the “velvet grapes,” said. Cashmere silk means falling down from velvet flowers or roots single raw footage silk velvet. Feather silk is raw footage from falling off the surface of a single feather barbs, no velvety. Maopian means goose, duck feathers, the size of the points, mixed in general are small feather raw footage. Flowers velvet and silk velvet feather in the proportion that the amount of cashmere jacket nominal. Feather silk, raw footage and broken hair can not be considered in the amount of cashmere.

A very small amount of low-quality down jacket on the market under the trade name, also known as down jacket, but marked down the amount of cashmere, silk and feather filling mixture containing broken hair, posing down. Such filler cake easily washed with water, warm and poor.

More and More Complaints on Winter Jackets

Today, “Osamu”, as the temperature decreases, and Down Down buy both complaints “warming.” City of Industry, 12315 Data Center released today shows that nearly a month registered commodity categories of complaints 1602, including clothing and shoes, household sundries, furniture products three categories accounted for 70%; the quality of the total complaints accounted for nearly two to make.

Call 12315 Consumers Ms. Lee, reflecting buy their own down jacket, wearing just a week of severe hair loss and fabric breakage problems. Consumers that do not meet quality standards, in accordance with the requirements of the new “Consumer Law” in return, was rejected. After mediation by the business sector, the operators returned to consumers.

12315 represents, from the point of view of the complaints received complaints about Down commodities mainly include: inconsistent with the actual amount of cashmere garments containing down labeling; Down the drain hair, fade, open lines and other quality problems; the product is not a mark with Chinese manufacturers name and address; counterfeit famous brand; business-to-jacket material function etc. hype, such as the jacket is generally advertised as “top material, the warmth, the highest technology, the most popular brand”.

12315 remind consumers, since it is difficult to buy a down jacket in the inner quality of the filler is recognized and therefore not only consider when buying cheap, to choose the regular consumer business, sure to choose well-known brand, but it should be noted on the tag is Down complete, check the name and address, fabrics and materials of the ingredients, washing mark, quality grade, performance standards and whether the label intact.

Winter Jackets are Cheap This Year

Cold air, the temperature plunges Jinan. Walking in the cold, everyone’s thinking about is a warm and comfortable jacket. Based on past experience, to buy a down jacket when cold air arrived in the dog is tantamount to buy air conditioning is the most worthwhile decision. But after visiting major shopping malls, the reporter found that the major shopping malls old jacket promotional activities are held in full swing. At the same time, the new down jacket prices not only did not rise, some brands have been reduced.

Yesterday, the reporter visited the Ginza, Guihe, Wanda and other shopping centers, self-discovery is still the focus of fashion down jacket brand efforts. Throughout the major launch of the new brand jacket, and both focus on the design of the appearance of fashion type. Functionality and appearance of both this winter jacket tone. In order to increase the sense of lightness, some brands also introduced asymmetrical profile shape and other design. “Thin, spotty” has become the focus of a lot of brand marketing promotion staff.

On the details of the deal, the major brands have Down texture big fuss. In La Chapelle counter, a light blue camouflage jacket concern by many consumers. The brand sales staff said that this year a lot of store clothes camouflage element is enabled. In color processing, designers abandoned the traditional camouflage, it will soften the now pale blue, which look stylish and youth.

At the same time, there has been a lot of brand down jacket animal ARTS, printed textures, geometric textures and other elements, so that jacket full of visual impact. It is like a down jacket sales staff, he said: “have to make a personalized selling point, what we want is to find similarities in personality.”

Do Not Buy Sample or Mixed Down Jacket

According to reports, Feathers Lynx, Taobao anonymous purchase sales ranking rather forward jacket 38, in which eight men, 21 women, nine children’s clothing, cashmere child content of the sample, bulkiness, cleanliness , oxygen consumption and other testing. It is understood that the majority of the sample selected from the online shop “business recommended”, or many of the recent sales of the “explosion models.”

Test results show, in which 26 were identified as “sub-content velvet, fluffy, cleanliness unqualified, non-down.” Where a “no lining logo, tag standard white duck down 90% and 10% of raw footage” of the product, the actual test results actually no child cashmere content, “filler 91% + 9% pulverized wool chemical fiber, lint child, non-down. ”

Insiders said that by 2013 the impact of rising raw material prices in recent years, there are signs of increased down adulteration, including fly silk, wool Landfowl exceeded; velvet sub decreased; crushed wool, chemical fiber and other mixed. Stakeholders, a formal jacket normal cost should be around $ 200, while the number of online shopping jackets low price hundred dollars, or even seventy to eighty dollars. Behind the low price, it is difficult to exclude the presence of counterfeit risks.

Brand is Not the Only Option to Purchase Winter Jacket

A few days ago, China Feather & Down Industrial Association survey found that online shopping mostly free down jacket. Down online shopping really do not fly it? Reporters recently purchased a net 268 yuan men’s down jacket, cashmere clothing labels show the amount of 90%. Subsequently, the reporter will be sent to the City Down Fiber Inspection Bureau.

First, inspectors of uniform-like clothes down (mixed), followed by 4 grams were taken to detect the amount of cashmere, weighed, a total of 1.2 grams of feathers. Then, inspectors and sort out the impurities in the sample and feather silk, and finally only 1.8 g of down, that is, the actual amount of cashmere this jacket is only 45%.

In addition, the feather quality is not good. In accordance with the relevant standards, Down “scrap” velvet silk, can not exceed 10% down of the total, can be significantly more than the velvet silk velvet flowers in this down jacket. “Quejinshaoliang” buy down jacket is also likely to encounter problems. In online shopping this jacket, for example, the total weight of the filler is only 197 grams, while the tag label is 250 grams, far more than the allowable error range of 5%.

Finally, drill down jacket like wool, also belong to the quality problems. Inspectors with online shopping jacket fabrics produced a half a sheet of A4 size paper bag, placed inside a feather. Then sew pockets on the instrument friction 2700 times. “Feather fall out 50 or more, you fail.” End of the experiment, out of his pocket a total of 63 down. Inspectors said easily drill down jacket wool largely because of the low cost of the fabric or lining, low density of these materials textiles.

Down Jacket Should be Washed by Hands

As winter must-have item, a variety of thicknesses down is still the mainstream of winter clothing. Down warm but very particular about cleaning, washing carelessly, can cause decreased down jacket warm, fluffy disappear; coupled with the low winter temperatures, making the already annoying stains become more stubborn. Not recommended for regular cleaning of feather, decontamination capability and the mild detergent does not hurt the clothing is a good choice. Liby natural soap powder researchers noted down jacket cleaning not only focus on cleanliness, but also pay attention to the protection of the material down to gently decontamination Liby natural soap powder is preferred.

It is understood that about three wash down jacket washing method. The first is machine washable, wash machine is simple and convenient, but the jacket easily deformed during the washing process, such as feather crushing, agglomeration, affect the appearance and warmth. Machine wash before washing machine to read the instructions carefully to see whether the washing machine has the function of washing down jacket, down jacket while viewing the label to see if washing machine washable. There are a lot of people will choose to send dry cleaners dry cleaning, but industry sources said dry syrup used will affect the warmth, aging the fabric and down, and the residual chemical solution also harmful to health.

90% of the down jacket marked to be washed by hand, but the industry also said that hand-washing can grasp the intensity and component washing, to minimize the adverse effects of washed down jacket, can be the three most Wash safe and effective. If the jacket is dirty, hand wash recommended overall. First down jacket soaked in cold water for 20 minutes to allow the full wet down jacket inside and outside; washed product was dissolved in warm water 30 degrees in the mix, then down jacket into which soak for a quarter of an hour; then in a clean tile sets board, with a soft bristle brush dipped in cleaning fluid from the inside to the outside gently scrub jacket; the handle with both hands in the water all parts of the jacket until the kneading clean, and then into a clean water rinse several times to completely remove detergent residue; the rinse down down down off the backlog of water, and then dry.

Knowledge About Shopping Suitable Jackets

Down at the time of purchase, to look down the amount of charge and the amount of cashmere is the number indicated on the label, which directly affect the fluffy down jacket and warm, according to the standards of down clothing, cashmere volume containing less than 50% down jacket can not be manufactured. The amount of cashmere jacket is generally 70% or more for the best, can be distinguished Yongshou Nie, pinch the hair stems not obvious to you containing a higher than cashmere, otherwise low.

Good down jacket liner or lining should have the anti-drilling Cashmere performance, such as the purchase or find fabrics lining the surface of the jacket more visible bristles drilled, there might drill down, but a small amount of wool yarn Hang from the line cracks drilled is normal.

View Down permeability, according to the standard, down jacket to have a certain permeability, consumers can be fluffy down jacket, down jacket with his hands clenched on the back, so down jacket out of the air out, as easy extrusion, it shows breathable poor, such as extrusion can slowly, indicating a certain permeability. Such as Down’s poor ventilation, one consumer of water vapor in the process of wearing easy to distribute, easy to feel wet and uncomfortable, not warm, the second is not easy to dry after washing, these two factors will cause damp down different degrees of metamorphism .

Selection of brand name products, to the regular place of purchase. Down Purchase should pay attention to choose a certain market coverage and visibility down jacket brand products, down jacket brand quality is relatively more secure, but also easy to service. In addition to the purchase of jackets should have a reputation for quality, service large and medium-sized shopping centers norms and save the good invoice of the purchased goods, so you can maximize prevent buy counterfeit goods.

Buy Cold Winter Jackets at Greatly Discounted Price in Summer

Reporter recently visited the market find, now, as the dog days of summer, in the cool of consumers every effort to find a time when the supermarket was put on a jacket, playing the off-season signs.

Yesterday, the reporter saw a large supermarket in the supermarket striking position arranged a booth set-season sale, sell jackets and other winter clothing, although was summer, but the price is relatively cheap, or to attract a large number of consumers wearing short-sleeved Buy cotton.

Interview, the reporter saw a brand down jacket price tag is 598 yuan, 168 yuan now-season promotion. This warm jacket quite favored consumers walked over to pick from time to time. An aunt tried a few pieces down jacket after it hot and sweating, but never bored. “Anyway, winter wear, but also a lot cheaper to buy now.” Customer Liu aunt said, this child outside the hotter the weather, the lower the price down jacket, she wanted to take the opportunity to “buy the dips” to buy affordable.